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Danilo Comitini: Find Him

Roberta Pandolfi (piano), Raffaele Damen (accordion), Selene Framarin (clarinet), Alfonso Alberti (piano), Angelo Bonazzoli (voice), Sofia Ticchi (piano), Francesco Dillon (cello), Emanuele Torquati (piano)

Wunderkammer Orchestra, Carlo Tenan



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Comitini, D: Ruìnas

Work length8:06
  • Roberta Pandolfi (piano)

Comitini, D: L'incandescenza del rame

Work length10:14

Comitini, D: Mykos

Work length6:07
  • Raffaele Damen (accordion)

Comitini, D: Canto

Work length8:35
  • Selene Framarin (clarinet), Alfonso Alberti (piano)

Comitini, D: In un momento

Work length4:21
  • Angelo Bonazzoli (voice), Sofia Ticchi (piano)

Comitini, D: Sfiori

Work length7:58
  • Francesco Dillon (cello), Emanuele Torquati (piano)

Comitini, D: So Find Him

Work length7:36
  • Wunderkammer Orchestra
  • Carlo Tenan