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John Casken: Stolen Airs

John Casken

The performers are some of the cream of the younger generation, and as such it is difficult to imagine finer performances than these...This is a terrific, well-filled disc, and one that should... More…



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Casken: Shadowed Pieces

Work length15:46
  • Benjamin Frith, Lucy Gould

I. Shadowed by the Blackened Tree

Track length1:48

II. ...By a Far-Away Song

Track length2:15

III. ...By Shadows Past

Track length3:52

IV. ...By a Quickening Moon

Track length2:12

V. ...By Forgotten Voices

Track length3:02

VI. ...By the Harrowed Land

Track length2:37

Casken: Stolen Airs

Work length16:22
  • Alasdair Beatson, Philip Higham

Casken: Six Wooded Pieces

Work length15:33
  • Kenneth Hamilton

I. Haunting Bough (I.)

Track length1:39

II. Swinging Bough

Track length2:00

III. Shaded Bough

Track length4:48

IV. Weathered Bough

Track length1:44

V. Silvered Bough

Track length2:36

VI. Haunting Bough (II.)

Track length2:46

Casken: Serpents Of Wisdom

Work length11:08
  • Alasdair Beatson, Alec Frank-Gemmill

Casken: Piano Trio

Work length20:32
  • Gould Trio

I. Shadows

Track length2:54

II. Striding the Line

Track length2:10

III. Dreams

Track length4:10

IV. Dancing the Line

Track length3:21

V. Memories

Track length7:57