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A Turk in America

Münir Beken (ud), Laura Falzon (flute), Ayşegül Durakoğlu (piano), Emily Ondracek-Peterson (violin), Adrian Daurov (cello)

Like fellow Turk Kamran İnce, Beken works his Turkish heritage into almost everything that he composes—everything that I have heard, anyway—and yet his music is cosmopolitan and not simply “ethnic.”... More…

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Beken: Memories of a Shoehorn

Work length16:41
  • Münir Beken (ud)
  • ISSA Sonus Ensemble

Memories of a Shoehorn: No. 1, Moderato

Track length8:56

Memories of a Shoehorn: No. 2, Andante

Track length7:45

Beken: Pottery Shards

Work length6:36
  • Laura Falzon (flute), Ayşegül Durakoğlu (piano)

Beken: Holes in the Japanese Lamp

Work length12:07
  • Emily Ondracek-Peterson (violin), Adrian Daurov (cello)

Beken: Sonata for Piano

Work length8:59
  • Ayşegül Durakoğlu (piano)

Beken: A Turk in Seattle

Work length9:43
  • ISSA Sonus Ensemble