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The Early Music Collection

A whopping 30-disc set that provides an essential starting point for anyone wishing to hone their understanding of the genre…The accompanying booklet itself offers concise and clear detail, as... More…

30 CDs


This item is currently out of stock at the UK distributor. You may order it now but please be aware that it may be six weeks or more before it can be despatched.


CD 1

Adorate Deum: Gregorian Chant from the Proper of the Mass

CD 2

Hildegard of Bingen - Heavenly Revelations

CD 3

Music of the Troubadours

CD 4

Neidhart - A Minnesinger and his ‘Vale of Tears’

CD 5

Carmina Burana

CD 6

Machaut - Messe de Nostre Dame

CD 7

Argentum et Aurum

CD 8

Dufay - Chansons

CD 9

Ockeghem - Requiem

CD 10

Music from the Eton Choirbook

CD 11

Missa Conceptio tua

CD 12

A-La-Mi-Re Manuscripts

CD 13

Anchieta - Missa Sine nomine

CD 14


CD 15

Josquin Desprez - Missa L’Homme armé

CD 16

Luis de Milán - Music for Vihuela (+ Luis de Narváez)

CD 17

Tallis - Spem in alium

CD 18

Palestrina - Missa Papae Marcelli

CD 19

Lassus - Lagrime di San Pietro

CD 20

Byrd - Complete Fantasias for Harpsichord

CD 21

Gabrieli - Music for Brass Vol.2

CD 22

Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music

CD 23

Sweelinck - Organ Works

CD 24

Dowland - Pavans, Galliards and Almains

CD 25

Gesualdo - Madrigals, Book 1

CD 26

Campion - Lute Songs

CD 27

Monteverdi - Madrigals, Book 5

CD 28

Tomkins - Consort Music for Viols and Voices

CD 29

The Guerra Manuscript Vol. 1

CD 30

Lawes - Consort Music for Viols, Lute and Theorbos