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Westlake: Spirit of the Wild & Reich: Desert Music

Diana Doherty (oboe)

Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Synergy Vocals, Nigel Westlake, David Robertson

  • Limelight Magazine Recordings of the Year
    Nominated - Orchestral



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Westlake: Spirit Of The Wild

Work length21:51
  • Diana Doherty (oboe)
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • Nigel Westlake
  • Recorded: 2019

I. Crotchet=96 – Cadenza

Track length4:22

II. Crotchet=96

Track length5:18

III. Tranquillo (Crotchet=48) – Liberamente – Crotchet=96

Track length7:30

IV. Agitato (Crotchet=96)

Track length4:41

Reich: The Desert Music

Work length48:37
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Synergy Vocals
  • David Robertson
  • Recorded: 2016-08-06

I. Fast

Track length8:32

II. Moderate

Track length6:52

IIIa. Slow

Track length6:22

IIIb. Moderate

Track length5:55

IIIc. Slow

Track length5:35

IV. Moderate

Track length3:31

V. Fast

Track length11:50