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Zach: Requiem & Vesperae de Beata Virgine

Michaela Srumova (soprano), Sylva Cmugrova (alto), Cenek Svoboda (tenor) & Jaromir Nosek (bass)

Musica Florea & Collegium Floreum, Marek Stryncl

The performers respond to this volatile music with singing and playing that is well-focused and compellingly expressive. Both works are well worth investigating, but the Vespers are a real find. More…



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Zach: Requiem solemne in C minor

Work length28:13
  • Marek Štryncl
  • Musica Florea

I. Requiem aeternam

Track length1:35

II. Te decet hymnus

Track length2:05

III. Kyrie

Track length1:56

IV. Dies irae

Track length2:22

V. Recordare, Jesu pie

Track length1:37

VI. Lacrymosa dies illa

Track length1:08

VII. Dona eis requiem

Track length0:57

VIII. Domine Jesu Christe

Track length1:14

IX. Sed signifer

Track length5:19

X. Quam olim Abrahae

Track length1:27

XI. Sanctus

Track length0:42

XII. Benedictus

Track length2:43

XIII. Osanna in excelsis

Track length0:32

XIV. Agnus Dei

Track length2:12

XV. Lux aeterna

Track length0:27

XVI. Cum sanctis

Track length1:57

Jan Zach, Sacred Lyrics: Vesperae de Beata Virginie in D Major

Work length28:40
  • Marek Štryncl
  • Musica Florea

I. Dixit Dominus

Track length2:04

II. Juravit Dominus

Track length2:08

III. Dominus a dextris

Track length1:20

IV. De torrente

Track length2:12

V. Gloria

Track length0:39

VI. Laudate pueri - Psalm 112 / 113

Track length3:11

VII. Laetatus sum - Psalm 121 / 122

Track length6:55

VIII. Nisi Dominus (126 / 127)

Track length2:55

IX. Magnificat

Track length0:32

X. Quia respexit

Track length2:00

XI. Fecit potentiam

Track length1:24

XII. Deposuit potentes

Track length2:33

XIII. Gloria

Track length0:47