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Medtner & Rachmaninov

Alexander Paley (piano)



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Medtner: Sonate No. 1 en La Mineur "Reminiscenza", Op. 38

Work length17:14

Medtner: Sonate en Sol Mineur, Op. 22

Work length22:03

Rachmaninov: Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op. 22

Work length38:14


Track length1:37

Variations I à VIII

Track length6:11

Variations IX, X

Track length1:22

Variation XI

Track length1:24

Variation XII

Track length2:56

Variations XIII, XIV, XV

Track length5:42

Variation XVI

Track length1:40

Variation XVII

Track length1:57

Variation XVIII

Track length1:22

Variations XIX, XX

Track length3:25

Variations XXI

Track length3:36

Variation XXII

Track length7:02