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 Offer,Musica Per Arpa: Kateřina Englichová

Kateřina Englichová (harp)


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Britten: Suite for harp in C major, Op. 83

Work length16:44
  • Kateřina Englichová

I. Overture - Majestic

Track length3:21

II. Toccata - Fast and gay

Track length1:44

III. Nocturne - Slow and quiet

Track length3:56

IV. Fuge - Lively

Track length1:24

V. Hymn - St. Denio

Track length6:19

Slavicky: Musica per arpa

Work length13:56
  • Kateřina Englichová

I. Intermezzo lirico

Track length5:25

II. Intermezzo responsoriale

Track length3:34

III. Capriccio burlesco

Track length4:57

Hurnik, I: Tombeau de Köchel pour flute et arpe

Work length8:03
  • Kateřina Englichová

Sluka: Suite in modo classico per arpa sola

Work length11:58
  • Kateřina Englichová

I. Preludio

Track length2:01

II. Minuetto

Track length4:16

III. Rigaudon

Track length2:21

IV. Courante

Track length1:47

V. Gigue

Track length1:33

Kabeláč: Lamenti e risolini, Op. 53

Work length14:58
  • Kateřina Englichová

I. Bagatelle No. 1

Track length2:26

II. Bagatelle No. 2

Track length1:42

III. Bagatelle No. 3

Track length1:04

IV. Bagatelle No. 4

Track length2:19

V. Bagatelle No. 5

Track length1:26

VI. Bagatelle No. 6

Track length1:06

VII. Bagatelle No. 7

Track length3:10

VIII. Bagatelle No. 8

Track length1:45

Gemrot: Trio for Oboe, Harp and Piano

Work length17:57
  • Kateřina Englichová

I. Risoluto e marcato

Track length4:13

II. Allegretto

Track length2:01

III. Allegro impetuoso

Track length2:44

IV. Largo

Track length3:40

V. Andante tranquillo - Allegro molto

Track length5:19