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Elfman: Goosebumps



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Elfman: Goosebumps

Work length2:11

Elfman: Ferris Wheel

Work length4:44

Elfman: To the Rescue

Work length1:16

Elfman: Camcorder

Work length1:37

Elfman: Ice Rink

Work length4:01

Elfman: Capture

Work length1:11

Elfman: Slappy

Work length1:48

Elfman: Confession

Work length2:05

Elfman: Slappy's Revenge

Work length1:43

Elfman: Bus Escape

Work length1:54

Elfman: Lawn Gnomes

Work length2:52

Elfman: Ghost Hannah

Work length0:54

Elfman: Mantis Chase

Work length2:18

Elfman: Hannah's Back

Work length2:24

Elfman: They're Here

Work length2:29

Elfman: Farewell

Work length5:28

Elfman: Credit

Work length2:14

Elfman: Something's Wrong (Bonus Track)

Work length0:55

Elfman: Champ (Bonus Track)

Work length1:18

Elfman: Break In (Bonus Track)

Work length1:31

Elfman: The Books (Bonus Track)

Work length4:24

Elfman: Instagram (Bonus Track)

Work length1:48

Elfman: Floating Poodle (Bonus Track)

Work length1:09

Elfman: Werewolf (Bonus Track)

Work length3:16

Elfman: Lovestruck (Bonus Track)

Work length1:00

Elfman: Panic (Bonus Track)

Work length2:42

Elfman: On The Run (Bonus Track)

Work length0:58

Elfman: Fun House (Bonus Track)

Work length3:32

Elfman: The Twist (Bonus Track)

Work length0:25