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Love and Longing

Yoonie Han (piano)



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Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice, Act II

Work length3:35
  • Yoonie Han

Dance of the Blessed Spirits, "Melodie" (Arr. I. Friedman)

Track length3:35

Liszt: Müllerlieder, S. 565 / R. 249

Work length2:54
  • Yoonie Han

No. 5, Wohin? (After F. Schubert)

Track length2:54

Liszt: Schwanengesang, S. 560 / R. 245

Work length3:02
  • Yoonie Han

No. 3, Aufenthalt (After F. Schubert)

Track length3:02

Liszt: Winterreise, S. 561 / R. 246

Work length5:49
  • Yoonie Han

No. 1, Gute Nacht (After F. Schubert)

Track length5:49

Excerpt, Hahn, R: Le rossignol éperdu

Work length1:49
  • Yoonie Han

I. Première suite. No. 10, La fausse indifférence

Track length1:49

Excerpt, Prokofiev: Pieces For Piano From "Romeo And Juliet" Op.75

Work length6:51
  • Yoonie Han

No. 10, Romeo and Juliet Before Parting

Track length6:51

Excerpt, Granados: Goyescas (piano suite)

Work length12:04
  • Yoonie Han

No. 5, El amor y la muerte

Track length12:04

Liszt: Müllerlieder, S. 565 / R. 249

Work length5:44
  • Yoonie Han

No. 2, Der Müller und der Bach (After F. Schubert)

Track length5:44

Liszt: Lob der Tränen, S. 557 / R. 242, "Benediction des larmes"

Work length5:00
  • Yoonie Han

Excerpt, Liszt: Zwolf Lieder Von Fr. Schubert, S558

Work length5:31
  • Yoonie Han

No. 3, Du bist die Ruh

Track length5:31

Excerpt, Hahn, R: Le rossignol éperdu

Work length3:13
  • Yoonie Han

I. Premiere Suite. No. 21, La danse de l'amour et de l'ennui

Track length3:13

Wiprud: El Jaleo

Work length5:22
  • Yoonie Han

Liszt: Isoldes Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde, S. 447 / R. 280 (After R. Wagner)

Work length7:51
  • Yoonie Han