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Simple Requests

New American Music for Computer and Live Performers

Jeffrey Stolet (electronics), Evan Chambers (tape), James Umble (saxophone), Lucia Unrau (synthesizer), Rodney Oakes (synthesizer), Keith Kothman (computer), Amy Knoles (percussion), Robin Lorentz (violin), Erika Duke Kirkpatrick (cello), Stella Sung (tape)

L'Octour de Violoncelles



Usually despatched in 2 - 3 weeks


Stolet: Simple Requests

Work length8:19
  • Jeffrey Stolet
  • Octour de Violoncelles, L'

Chambers, E: Rothko-Tobey Continuum

Work length4:40
  • Evan Chambers, James Umble

Terry, P: Aria and accidental music

Work length11:31
  • Lucia Unrau

Oakes: Blues Danube

Work length8:49
  • Rodney Oakes

Kothman: Interrupted Dances

Work length8:35
  • Keith Kothman

Lyons, R: Electronique

Work length4:33
  • Robin Lorentz, Erika Duke Kirkpatrick, Amy Knoles

Lyons, R: Gigue

Work length3:11
  • Robin Lorentz

Lyons, R: Ice Cream Truck from Hell

Work length6:23
  • Robin Lorentz, Erika Duke Kirkpatrick, Amy Knoles

Sung: Mobiles

Work length11:45
  • Stella Sung