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Stephen Dodgson: String Quartets Volume 3

 Offer,Stephen Dodgson: String Quartets Volume 3

World premiere recordings

with John Bradbury (clarinet), with Robert Stallman (flute), with Julia O’Riordan (viola) & Caroline Dale (cello)

The Tippett Quartet

The set cannily begins with the best material. The string sextet medium has been near-extinct after 19th-century highlights by Brahms, Dvorak and Schoenberg...unsurprisingly perhaps, given the... More…

2 CDs

($15.00) $11.25

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String Sextet (1996) i. Allegro moderato (Praeludium)

String Sextet (1996) ii. Lento – Agitato (Scherzo and Shadow)

String Sextet (1996) iii. Risoluto – Alla danza (Chaconne)

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Quintet for Flute & Strings (2003) i. Moderato

Quintet for Flute & Strings (2003) ii. Poco adagio

Quintet for Flute & Strings (2003) iii. Vivace

Quintet for Clarinet & Strings (2007) i. Gently paced: lyrical Quintet for Clarinet & Strings (2007)

Quintet for Clarinet & Strings (2007) ii. Bright and skittish

Quintet for Clarinet & Strings (2007) iii. Subdued and meditative

Quintet for Clarinet & Strings (2007) iv. Emphatic, with drive

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String Quartet no.2 (1987) i. Allegretto: poco agitato

String Quartet no.2 (1987) ii. Andante piacevole

String Quartet no.2 (1987) iii. Allegro di molto

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String Quartet no.2 (1987) iv. Nocturne (Andante)

String Quartet no.2 (1987) v. Capriccio agitato

String Quartet no.2 (1987) vi. Allegro

String Quartet no.8 (2005) i. Bright and purposeful String Quartet no.8 (2005)

String Quartet no.8 (2005) ii. With a gentle and plangent motion

String Quartet no.8 (2005) iii. Steady and unyielding

String Quartet no.9 (2006) i. Andante

String Quartet no.9 (2006) ii. Animato

String Quartet no.9 (2006) iii. Calmo

String Quartet no.9 (2006) iv. Alla marcia

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