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Bernhard Lang: Die Sterne des Hungers

Sabine Lutzenberger (mezzo)

Klangforum Wien, Sylvain Cambreling

Vividly recorded in performances of the greatest concentration and technical skill, the disc is a fine vindication of Kairos's enlightened attitude to A&R.



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Lang, Bernhard: Die Sterne des Hungers

Work length47:49
  • Klangforum Wien, Sabine Lutzenberger
  • Sylvain Cambreling

I. Praeludium "...Mon Commencement."

Track length8:03

II. Lösch Aus

Track length13:52

III. Erleuchtung!

Track length8:39

IV. Interludium: "Ma Fin Est..."

Track length2:15

V. Die Trübsinnsstaude

Track length5:28

VI. Im Rückgrat Aufwärts...

Track length7:50

VII. " Mon Commencement Ma..."

Track length1:42

Lang, Bernhard: Monadologie VII…for Arnold

Work length27:59
  • Klangforum Wien, Sabine Lutzenberger
  • Sylvain Cambreling

I. Thema I

Track length9:05

II. Thema II

Track length6:02

III. Thema III

Track length4:39

IV. Thema IV

Track length5:08

V. Coda

Track length3:05