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Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Op. 20

London Symphony Orchestra, André Previn

2 CDs


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Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Op. 20

Work length2:35:13
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • André Previn
  • Recorded: 1976-06-10
  • Recording Venue: 26-28 May and 8-10 June 1976, Kingsway Hall, London

1. Introduction

Track length2:46

2. Scene

Track length2:57

2. Waltz (Tempo di valse)

Track length7:16

3. Scene (Allegro moderato)

Track length3:43

I. Intrada (Allegro)

Track length2:14

II. Andante sostenuto

Track length2:27

III. Allegro semplice - Presto

Track length1:16

IV. Moderato

Track length1:09

V. Allegro

Track length1:08

VI. Coda (Allegro vivace)

Track length1:43

I. Tempo di valse

Track length2:26

II. Andante - Allegro - Molto più mosso (Ida Haendel, violin)

Track length5:43

III. Tempo di valse

Track length1:38

IV. Coda (Allegro molto vivace)

Track length1:56

6. Pas d'action (Andantino quasi moderato - Allegro)

Track length1:58

7. Subject

Track length0:44

8. Dance with Goblets (Tempo di polacca)

Track length5:04

9. Finale (Andante)

Track length2:39

No. 10, Scene (Moderato)

Track length2:46

11. Scene (Allegro moderato - Allegro vivo)

Track length4:59

12. Scene (Allegro)

Track length3:19

I. Tempo di valse

Track length2:26

II. Moderato assai - Molto più mosso

Track length1:40

III. Tempo di valse

Track length1:47

Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act II, 13. Dances of the Swans: IV. Dance of the Cygnets (Allegro moderato)

Track length1:26

V. Andante - Andante non troppo - Allegro (Ida Haendel, violin; Douglas Cummings, cello)

Track length7:18

VI. Tempo di valse

Track length1:29

VII. Coda (Allegro vivace)

Track length1:41

Swan Lake, Op.20, Act II: 14. Scene (Moderato)

Track length3:00

15. Scene (Allegro giusto)

Track length2:29

16. Dance of the Guests and the Dwarfs (Moderato assai - Allegro vivo)

Track length2:42

17. Scene: Entrance and Waltz of the Special Guests (Allegro - Tempo di valse)

Track length8:09

18. Scene (Allegro - Allegro giusto)

Track length1:37


Track length2:41

Variation I (Allegro)

Track length1:38

Variation II (Andante con moto)

Track length3:23

Variation III (Moderato)

Track length1:06

Variation IV (Allegro)

Track length0:58

Variation V (Moderato - Allegro semplice)

Track length1:24

Coda (Allegro molto)

Track length1:47

Introduction (Moderato - Andante) (Ida Haendel, violin)

Track length4:02

Variation I (Allegro moderato)

Track length0:52

Variation II (Allegro)

Track length0:59

Coda (Allegro molto vivace)

Track length2:30

20. Hungarian Dance: Csárdás (Moderato assai - Allegro moderato - Vivace)

Track length2:54

Russian Dance (Cadenza - Andante semplice - Allegro vivo) (Ida Haendel, violin) (additional number)

Track length4:23

21. Spanish Dance (Allegro non troppo: tempo di bolero)

Track length2:30

22. Neapolitan Dance (Allegro moderato - Andantino quasi moderato)

Track length2:19

23. Mazurka

Track length4:10

24. Scene

Track length3:40

25. Entr'acte (Moderato)

Track length1:51

26. Scene (Allegro ma non troppo)

Track length2:23

27. Dance of the Little Swans (Moderato)

Track length4:24

28. Scene (Allegro agitato - Allegro vivace)

Track length3:04

29. Finale (Andante - Allegro agitato - Alla breve - Moderato e maestoso)

Track length6:40