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Trios and Scottish Song Settings of J. N. Hummel

Pamela Dellal (mezzo-soprano)

Musicians of the Old Post Road



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Hummel: The Maid Deserted and Broken Hearted: The Maid Deserted and Broken Hearted

Work length4:15
  • Pamela Dellal

Hummel: Despondency-on the Return of Spring: Despondency-on the Return of Spring

Work length5:16
  • Pamela Dellal

Hummel: Constancy and Ardour: Constancy and Ardour

Work length5:06
  • Pamela Dellal

Hummel: The Lover, Addressing His Mistress: The Lover, Addressing His Mistress

Work length3:25
  • Pamela Dellal

Hummel: The Peasant Courting His Lass: The Peasant Courting His Lass

Work length2:33
  • Pamela Dellal

Hummel: Trio In F Major, OP. 22

Work length28:04
  • Pamela Dellal

Allegro moderato

Track length5:34

Andante con Variazioni

Track length5:03

Rondo alla Turca

Track length3:54


Track length2:44

Evening: The poet Viewing the Landscape in Sadness

Track length4:05

The Lover, Expecting His Mistress

Track length3:34

Loyalty of the Highlanders to Their prince

Track length3:10

Hummel: Trio in A Major, OP. 78

Work length18:27
  • Pamela Dellal


Track length4:32


Track length0:56

Variation I

Track length1:38

Variation II

Track length1:35

Variation III

Track length0:52

Variation IV

Track length1:56

Variation V

Track length1:02

Variation VI

Track length3:00

Variation VII

Track length2:56