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Piers Hellawell: Dogs and Wolves

Mark O’Keeffe (trumpet), Jonas Bylund (trombone)

RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet, The Schubert Ensemble, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Pierre-André Valade

Dogs and Wolves avoid with its breathless evocation of the "idyllic quarry", and subtle inference of blues and folk elements perhaps the most engaging British orchestral showpiece this decade.... More…



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Hellawell: Cors de chasse: Leggiero

Work length14:04
  • Jonas Bylund, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Mark O'Keeffe
  • Pierre-André Valade

Hellawell: Weaver of Grass: Andante

Work length9:07
  • The Schubert Ensemble
  • Pierre-André Valade

Hellawell: Driftwood on Sand

Work length21:32
  • RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet
  • Pierre-André Valade

I. Prelude

Track length1:24

II. Main movement 1, Largo

Track length6:59

III. Prelude

Track length0:57

IV. Prelude

Track length2:05

V. Main movement 2, Volante

Track length7:22

VI. Prelude

Track length2:45

Hellawell: The Building of Curves

Work length10:46
  • The Schubert Ensemble
  • Pierre-André Valade

I. Headlong; Competitive

Track length4:56

II. Broadly

Track length5:50

Hellawell: Dogs and Wolves: Vivace

Work length8:51
  • Elizabeth Layton, BBC Scottish Orchestra
  • Pierre-André Valade