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Flauto con forza - Anders Jonhall

Anders Jonhall (flute) Mats Bergstrom (guitar)

Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Pierre-André Valade

Stylish playing even if the music could do with more arresting ideas.



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Mellnäs: Rendez-vous 2

Work length9:26
  • Anders Jönhall (flute), Daniel Norberg (percussion)

Mellnäs: Flute Concerto "Intimate Games"

Work length16:38
  • Anders Jönhall (flute)
  • Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester
  • Pierre-André Valade

Flute Concerto "Intimate Games": I. Allegro

Track length4:51

Flute Concerto "Intimate Games": II. Lento

Track length6:48

Flute Concerto "Intimate Games": III. Vivace

Track length4:59

Mårtensson: Dance and Sentimental Song

Work length10:17
  • Anders Jönhall (alto flute), Per Mårtensson (electronics)

Mårtensson: Flute Concerto

Work length18:25
  • Anders Jönhall (flute)
  • Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
  • Pierre-André Valade

Flute Concerto: I.

Track length4:56

Flute Concerto: II.

Track length8:34

Flute Concerto: III.

Track length4:55

Chini: Icaregag

Work length17:46
  • Anders Jönhall (flute)
  • Gageego!
  • Pierre-André Valade

Chini: Silent Notes for Madrid

Work length5:15
  • Anders Jönhall (flute), Mats Bergström (guitar)