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Trio con Forza

in the end most of the challenges proved fruitful if not always very likeable. At least two of these works however are strongly persuasive ones and thanks to the Trio con forza they have gained... More…



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Hultqvist: Rain and After / Composition No. 6

Work length9:02
  • Hot3

Holmquist: Crepuscular Radiation, for flute, viola and 10-stringed guitar

Work length8:49
  • Hot3

Martinsson, R: Tics

Work length8:21
  • Hot3

Chini: Eté3

Work length9:44
  • Hot3

Mellnäs: Like Raindrops, Pearls on Velvet

Work length8:50
  • Hot3

Lindwall: Wire

Work length7:09
  • Hot3

Österling: Nine - The Esotheric Charm of Austerity

Work length9:32
  • Hot3

Olofsson, K: Parceas Cordes

Work length16:42
  • Hot3