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Peter Lieberson: Selected Works

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (mezzo-soprano) & Peter Serkin (piano), Michaela Fukacova (violoncello), William Purvis (horn)

The Odense Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, Donald Palma



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Lieberson, P: Rilke Songs

Work length18:01
  • Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Peter Serkin
  • Odense Symphony Orchestra
  • Donald Palma, Justin Brown

I. O ihr Zartlichen

Track length3:14

II. Atmen, du unsichtbares Gedicht

Track length3:27

III. Wolle die Wanglung

Track length3:18

IV. Blummenmuskel...

Track length3:27

V. Stiller Freund

Track length4:35

Lieberson, P: The Six Realms

Work length27:12
  • Michaela Fukacova
  • Odense Symphony Orchestra
  • Justin Brown

I. The Sorrow of the World

Track length4:01

II. The Hell Realm

Track length4:20

III. The Hungry Ghost Realm

Track length6:10

IV. The Animal Realm

Track length3:02

V. The Human Realm

Track length3:54

VI. The God Realm and the Jealous God Realm

Track length5:45

Lieberson, P: Horn Concerto

Work length17:44
  • William Purvis
  • Odense Symphony Orchestra
  • Donald Palma

I. Quarter note = 108

Track length8:31

II. Quarter note = 96

Track length9:13