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Alexander Glazunov

The Complete Music for Piano, Volume 1

Duane Hulbert (piano)



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Glazunov: Two Impromptus, Op. 54

Work length5:06
  • Duane Hulbert

I. No. 1, D-flat major

Track length1:41

II. No. 2, A-flat major

Track length3:25

Glazunov: Sonata No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 75

Work length22:05
  • Duane Hulbert

I. Moderato

Track length7:47

II. Scherzo: Allegretto

Track length6:08

III. Finale: Allegro moderato

Track length8:10

Glazunov: Theme and Variations, F-sharp minor, Op. 72

Work length17:18
  • Duane Hulbert

I. Theme: Andante

Track length0:23

II. Variation 1, Piu mosso

Track length0:20

III. Variation 2, L'istesso tempo

Track length0:23

IV. Variation 3, Andante

Track length0:27

V. Variation 4, Poco piu mosso

Track length0:31

VI. Variation 5, Andante sostenuto

Track length0:34

VII. Variation 6, Largo

Track length0:56

VIII. Variation 7, Allegro

Track length0:36

IX. Variation 8, Vivo

Track length0:39

X. Variation 9, Adagio tranquillo

Track length2:00

XI. Variation 10, Allegro assai

Track length0:38

XII. Variation 11, Allegretto

Track length1:33

XIII. Variation 12, Andante sostenuto

Track length1:54

XIV. Variation 13, Allegro

Track length1:04

XV. Variation 14, Andante tranquillo

Track length2:57

XVI. Finale: Variation 15, Allegro moderato

Track length2:23

Glazunov: Sonata No. 1, in B-flat minor, Op. 74

Work length21:39
  • Duane Hulbert

I. Allegro moderato

Track length8:15

II. Andante

Track length5:50

III. Allegro scherzando

Track length7:34