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 Offer,Shostakovich: Hypothetically Murdered, Four Romances, Fragments for Orchestra & Jazz Suite No. 1

Dimitri Kharitonov (bass)

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Mark Elder

…'hypothetically murdered'… Shostakovich's long-lost score for a 1931 music-hall show… enjoys a timely resurrection. …you'll enjoy the first incarnation of romps recycled in Lady Macbeth of... More…


Original price ($15.50) Reduced price $11.75

Usually despatched in 4 - 5 working days


Shostakovich: Hypothetically Murdered

Work length39:16
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Mark Elder

Act I (Part I) - Transition to the Field Hospital

Track length1:01

Act I (Part I) - Gallop

Track length3:18

Act I (Part I) - Transition to the Field

Track length1:03

Act I (Part I) - The Field (Landscape)

Track length1:50

Act II - Introduction

Track length0:12

Act II - Petrushka (Garmoshka)

Track length1:12

Act II - Storm

Track length1:00

Act II - The Arrival of the Lorry

Track length0:17

Act II - Dance

Track length1:17

Act II - Transition to the Kitchen (Jugglers and Waitresses)

Track length1:33

Act II - Waitresses

Track length2:20

Act III - The fight of the Cherubim

Track length1:26

Act III - The Flight of the Angels

Track length1:26

Act III - Adagio

Track length2:29

Act III - Bacchanalia of John of Knonstadt and Paraskeva Piatnitsa

Track length1:41

Act III - Waltz

Track length3:32

Act III - The Archangel Gabriel's Number

Track length1:51

Act I (Part II) - Polka

Track length1:33

Act I (Part II) - March

Track length1:39

Act I (Part II) - The River Bed

Track length4:45

Act I (Part II) - Finale: Dance of the Temporary Victors

Track length3:51

Shostakovich: Four Romances on Poems by Pushkin, Op. 46

Work length12:02
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Mark Elder

I. Rebirth

Track length2:13

II. Jealousy

Track length1:32

III. Foreboding

Track length2:50

IV. Stanzas

Track length5:27

Shostakovich: Five Fragments, Op. 42 (1935)

Work length10:25
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Mark Elder

I. Moderato

Track length1:24

II. Andante

Track length1:17

III. Largo

Track length3:43

IV. Moderato

Track length2:36

V. Allegretto

Track length1:25

Shostakovich: Suite No. 1 for Jazz Band, Sans Op. E (1924)

Work length9:12
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Mark Elder

I. Waltz

Track length2:45

II. Polka

Track length1:52

III. Foxtrot (Blues)

Track length4:35