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EuroArts has quickly made a name for itself worldwide by producing and distributing classical music and jazz programs. EuroArts sets high standards with its classical music and jazz DVDs, consistently using all technological and content opportunities offered by the medium. In addition to the featured films, the DVDs offer extra features such as artist portraits, interviews and ‘Behind the Scenes’ documentaries.

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 Interview, Bruno Monsaingeon on the Menuhin Centenary

Katherine talks to the great French documentary-maker about his relationship with Yehudi Menuhin.

Recent Best Sellers: EuroArts

  • Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann
    Blu-ray: $23.00
  • Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann
    DVD Video: Original price ($23.00) Reduced price $20.00
  • Beethoven: Violin Concerto & Symphony No. 6 'Pastoral'
    DVD Video: Original price ($28.00) Reduced price $11.25
  • Europakonzert 2003 from Lisbon
    Blu-ray: Original price ($33.75) Reduced price $13.50
  • Bach: Brandenburg Concertos
    Blu-ray: $23.00
  • 25 Classic Piano Concertos
    7 DVD Videos + 1 CD: $80.50