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  • Julia Bullock (Teculihuatzin/Dona Luisa), Vince Yi (Hunahpu), Nadine Koutcher (Dona Isabel), Christophe Dumaux (Ixbalanque), Markus Brutscher (Don Pedrarias Davila), Noah Stewart (Don Pedro de Alvarado), Maritxell Carrero (Leonor)

    MusicAeterna, Teodor Currentzis, Peter Sellars (dir.)

    punchy playing from Perm Opera's MusicAeterna orchestra under Teodor Currentzis...The Perm chorus...also field Purcell's sacred anthems with refreshing directness...Yet the more the evening slides... More…




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  • Gerald Finley (J. Robert Oppenheimer), Jessica Rivera (Kitty Oppenheimer), Eric Owens (General Leslie Groves), Richard Paul Fink (Edward Teller), James Maddalena (Jack Hubbard), Thomas Glenn (Robert R. Wilson), Jay Hunter Morris (Captain James Nolan), Ellen Rabiner (Pasqualita)

    Chorus of De...

    Doctor Atomic centres on the hours before the first detonation of the atomic bomb… Peter Sellars's film of the opera is expressionistic, claustrophobic, sometimes deliberately out of focus. The... More…



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