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Robert Brown Hall (Composer)

Born: 30th June 1858, Bowdoinham, Maine, United States

Died: 8th June 1907, Portland, Maine, United States

Nationality: American

Robert Browne Hall usually known as R. B. Hall, was a leading composer of marches and other music for American Wind bands. A principal American composer of marching music, he was born in Bowdoinham, Maine and seldom left his native state during his lifetime, dying in Portland. His music though has traveled around the world. He is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, so much so that many lovers of brass band music there mistakenly imagine that Hall is an English composer. His celebrated march, "Tenth Regiment March", written in 1895 and dedicated to the Tenth Regiment Band in Albany, New York, is a well-known staple of brass band concerts and competitions all over the UK, under the title "Death or Glory."

Hall was famous during his lifetime as a particularly fine player on the cornet and served for a time as conductor of the Bangor Band.

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