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Joseph Fiala (Composer)

Born: 3rd February 1748, Lochovice, Czech Republic

Died: 31st July 1816, Donaueschingen, Germany

Nationality: Czech

Josef Fiala (Joseph Fiala) was a composer, oboist, viola da gamba virtuoso, cellist, and pedagogue.

He was born in Lochovice in Bohemia and began his professional career as an oboist in the service of Countess Netolicka. In 1777 he moved to Munich to serve in the court orchestra of Elector Maximilian Joseph. That year in Munich, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was greatly impressed by the wind band trained by Fiala, and helped Fiala secure a position in 1778 after the death of the Elector. In 1785 Fiala moved to Vienna, and in 1786 to Saint Petersburg where he worked in the court of Catherine the Great.

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