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Pere Alberch Vila (Composer)

Born: 1517, Vic, Barcelona, Spain

Died: 1582, Barcelona, Spain

Nationality: Catalan

Pere Alberch Vila (in Catalan language: Pere Alberc i Vila) : was a Catalan Renaissance composer and organist. He was born Pere Alberc i Ferrament at Vic in 1517. The nickname i Vila comes from a more notable branch of his family.

Alberch trained in the Cathedral of Vic and later, between 1534 and 1536, in Valencia with his uncle, Pere Vila. There he met other musicians working in the court of the Duke of Calabria, such as Mateo Flecha and Bartomeu Càrceres. From 1536 until his death, Alberch was organist at the Cathedral of Barcelona, and famed throughout Europe.

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