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Chilly Gonzales (Composer)

Born: 20th March 1972, Montreal, Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Jason Charles Beck professionally known as Chilly Gonzales, is a Grammy-winning Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer. Currently based in Cologne, Germany, he previously lived for several years in Paris. Gonzales is a true musical polymath, known for his MC rap albums, his collaborations with pop musicians like Feist and Drake, his albums of classical piano compositions (including the Solo Piano trilogy), and also for his collaborations with electronic musicians like Daft Punk and Boys Noize, the latter with whom he produces as Octave Minds.

Gonzales broadcasts a web series Pop Music Masterclass on WDR, the documentary Classical Connections on BBC Radio 1, The History of Music on Arte, and Music's Cool with Chilly Gonzales on Apple Music's Beats1 radio show. He has written several newspaper and magazine opinion pieces in The Guardian, Vice, Billboard, and others.

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