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Browse: Richards, Stephen (composer)

This page lists all recordings composed by Stephen Richards (b.1935).

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results
  • Stephan Kalm featuring Douglas Cleveland, Stephan Kalm, Douglas Cleveland, Tim Braun (computergraphiccreator), Stephan Kalm featuring Angela Dailey, mezzo soprano, Adam Collins, cello, Margaret Baldrige, violin and Aneta Panusz, piano, Angela Dailey, mezzo soprano, Adam Collins, cello, Margaret Baldrige,...

    No digital booklet included

  • Cycle of Life in Synagogue and Home

    Richard Botton (cantor), Barbara Harbach (organ), Raphael Frieder (cantor), Sarah Graves (organ), Alberto Mizrahi (cantor), Ida Rae Cahana (cantor), Aaron Miller (organ), David Goldstein (cantor), Roslyn Jhunever Barak (cantor), Debbie Friedman (guitar), Mark Leonard (bass guitar), Richard Troxell...

    No digital booklet included

  • Meir Finkelstein (tenor), Benjie Ellen Schiller (soprano), Aaron Miller (organ), Lisa Sharlin (cantor), William Sharlin (cantor), Barbara Harbach (organ), Alberto Mizrahi (tenor), Christopher Bowers-Broadbent (organ), Jin Zhou (piano), Debbie Friedman (vocals)

    New York Cantorial Choir, Hillhurst...

    No digital booklet included

  • Prayers and Celebrations Throughout the Jewish Year

    Barbara Harbach (organ), Juergen Essle (organ)

    No digital booklet included

  • Scott Wilson (trumpet), Elizabeth Druesedow (clarinet in E flat), Jonathan Haas (tambourine), Aaron Janosa (basset clarinet), Ian McIntyre (clarinet), Samantha Webster (bass clarinet)

    University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble, Mitchell Estrin, John Jr. Watkins, David Waybright

    This release includes a digital booklet