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Antonio Ximénez (Composer)

Born: 23rd December 1751, Alicante, Spain

Died: 10th March 1826

Nationality: Spanish

Antonio Ximénez Brufal was a Spanish composer and violinist from Alicante.

Born into a family of musicians, Ximénez became a violinist at the chapel of the Colegiata de San Nicolás de Alicante at the age of eighteen. In 1776 he took a position as first violin in the Italian opera troupe of Teresa Taveggia, which was touring Spain at the time. The company suffered a number of setbacks thanks to ecclesiastical authorities, but even so Ximénez was so well-regarded that Carlos III invited him to spend a year at the royal court. At the end of the sojourn he returned to Alicante to his position at the chapel of San Nicolás, remaining there until his death.

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