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Archibald Joyce (Composer)

Born: 25th May 1873, Belgravia, London, England

Died: 22nd March 1963, England

Nationality: English

Archibald Joyce was an English light music composer known for his early waltzes.

He first came to prominence with the publication of his Waltz Songe d'Automne (1908) which fast became a hit. The piece is in a minor key, with the melody in a relatively low tenor register.

The following year he repeated this success with his Waltz Visions of Salome (1909) also in the same low-pitched minor-key style. He was billed by his publishers, Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew, as the "English Waltz King".

His music was immensely popular with dance orchestras of the period together with amateur pianists.

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