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Eastman Wind Ensemble

The Eastman Wind Ensemble was founded by conductor Frederick Fennell at the Eastman School of Music in 1952. The ensemble is often credited with helping redefine the performance of wind band music. At the time, concert bands used all of their players for every piece, regardless of the piece's original orchestration. If there was not a part for a specific instrument on a piece — for example, a contrabass clarinet or a string bass— the conductor or publisher would have an arranger add one or simply have that instrument double another instrument— the string bass could play the tuba part, for instance. Also, bigger was better, and even though there would normally be three clarinet parts, many university concert bands would have 20 or 30 clarinets, or more.

Fennell redefined the wind band by having one player on each part, using only the instrumentation for each piece specified by the composer.

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