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 Announcement, Introducing our new audio samples player

We’re delighted that our new audio samples player is now available to use across the Presto Music website, and we’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers who have provided really helpful feedback throughout the beta testing process.

Play a sampleYou can start listening to a sound sample in the same way as before: on a product page, just click on the small play symbol to the left of the track that you’d like to hear. The new player will then be visible at the bottom of each page. Instead of just playing the sample for this track and then stopping, once the sample you selected has finished our new player will continue to play through all the available audio samples for the album in order. The samples will continue to play as you browse the Presto website - so you could read one of our reviews or artist interviews, or browse other recordings, while you listen.

Large version of the music playerThe player at the bottom of the page displays information about the sample you’re currently listening to, and allows you to pause playback or skip between different tracks on the album, even in its minimised format. By clicking on the arrow to the right-hand end of the player bar (or clicking anywhere on the player), a larger version will be shown. This offers more information about the album, including a cover image and a link back to the product page, as well as allowing you to pause, skip between tracks, fast forward or backward within the current sample, and adjust the volume.

We hope you enjoy using the new player, but as ever if you have any questions, or feedback please feel free to get in touch.

The new player is only available on modern browsers, including: Chrome (57 or higher), Edge (16 or higher), Firefox (53 or higher), Safari (11.1 or higher on Mac, 11 or higher on iPad and iPhone). Please note that if you are using a different browser, or an older browser (in particular Internet Explorer) the new player will unfortunately not be visible; however, you will still be able to play samples using the previous system.