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 Announcement, Introducing Presto Jazz

Presto JazzYou might have noticed that over the past few months we've been busy adding a number of jazz recordings to the Presto website. With over 27,000 jazz recordings from more than 600 labels now available to buy from us, we've decided to separate them out into a new Presto Jazz department.

There's a wide range of music to explore: from new releases to classic albums, from swing to acid jazz, with albums by artists from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald to Keith Jarrett and Wayne Shorter. Our Classical department will continue to have the same specialist focus, with regular reviews, interviews and editorial; over the coming months we'll be working hard on adding new features to our Jazz department, and expanding the catalogue available, to offer the same specialised experience.

You'll find jazz recordings across physical and digital formats, with almost 6,000 CDs, DVDs and Vinyl and over 22,000 downloads (including 2,000+ Hi-Res downloads) available to browse and buy. The majority of albums have full track-listings and sound samples, so you can listen to extracts online before you buy (in the same way as you can for classical recordings).

You can currently browse the new Jazz department by Artist, Label or Format, or visit our New and Future Releases pages to find out about the latest recordings. If you know what you're looking for, use the search box at the top of each page to find it quickly and easily - you can search for any combination of artist, title, label, format, catalogue number, etc (as you can across the rest of the Presto website).

Please do get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions, or if there is anything you'd particularly like us to add to this new department.

Visit the Presto Jazz department >>