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The Operas of Rameau: Genesis, Staging, Reception

Pre-order,The Operas of Rameau: Genesis, Staging, Reception

  • Editor: Sadler, Graham
  • Editor: Thompson, Shirley
  • Editor: Williams, Jonathan



Due for release on 31st May 2023

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  • Part I – Factions and Rivalry
  • 1 A little-known contribution to the Lulliste-Ramiste dispute: Jean Galli Bibiena’s Mémoires et aventures de monsieur de *** (1735)
  • Francesca Pagani
  • 2 Destouches and Collin de Blamont: two surintendants in the face of the Ramiste threat
  • Françoise Escande and Benoît Dratwicki
  • 3 Rameau versus Mondonville: the construction of a post-Lullian musical identity in France
  • Thierry Favier
  • Part II – Librettos: Gestation, Attributions, Interpretation
  • 4 Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Art d’aimer: music and eroticism in the Age of Enlightenment
  • Raphaëlle Legrand
  • 5 Re-assessing attributions to Louis de Cahusac of the librettos of Rameau’s Io, Zéphire and Nélée et Mirthis
  • Thomas Soury
  • 6 The Triumph of Generosity, or ‘Let’s Make an Opera-Ballet’
  • Roger Savage
  • 7 New light on the genesis of the ill-fated opera Linus by La Bruère and Rameau
  • Marie Demeilliez
  • Part III – Borrowings and Creative Renewal
  • 8 A cluster of allusions to Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni in Rameau’s ‘Anacréon’ (1757)
  • Graham Sadler
  • 9 Recreating Rameau: J.-S. Mangot and his role in Parma
  • Margaret Butler
  • 10 An anonymous Messe des morts on themes by Rameau and Mondonville
  • Thomas Leconte
  • 11 ‘Objet d’étude et de curiosité’: Candeille’s Castor et Pollux and its audiences, 1791–1815
  • R. J. Arnold
  • Part IV – Production, Performance and Criticism
  • 12 The impact of human and material contingencies on artistic creation: the case of Rameau’s Les Indes galantes
  • Laura Naudeix
  • 13 Staging time and space in Rameau’s tragédies en musique
  • Lois Rosow
  • 14 Stage sets and music in Rameau’s operas
  • Rémy-Michel Trotier
  • 15 Do Rameau’s dances ‘impose physical movement’? A collaborative exploration
  • Rebecca Harris-Warrick and Hubert Hazebroucq
  • 16 Through the Mercure’s lens: mid-eighteenth-century acting styles and vocal aesthetics at the Paris Opéra
  • Thomas Green
  • Part V – Discography
  • 17 Rameau’s operas on disc
  • Patrick Florentin