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New,The Cello, How It Works: A Practical Guide to Cello Ownership

  • Author: Pagliaro, Michael



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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Scientific Pitch Notation
  • 1. What Are the Parts of My Cello and How Do They Work?
  • 2. How Do I Care for My Cello Outfit?
  • 3. How Should I Plan My Practice Sessions?
  • 4. What Items (Accessories) Will I Need to Help Me Play My Cello?
  • 5. How Are Cellos Made?
  • 6. What Is the History of the Cello?
  • 7. How Are Cello Bows Made?
  • 8. What Is the History of Bows?
  • 9. A Dictionary for Cello Students
  • 10. A Review of Cello Parts and Their Use
  • Index