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New,Listening to the Unconscious: Adventures in Popular Music and Psychoanalysis

  • Author: Overy, Stephen
  • Author: Smith, Kenneth



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  • 1. Three Freudian hypotheses in pop music: The economic, the topographic, the structural
  • 2. Freudian concepts: Narcissism, mourning and melancholia, defence mechanisms, in the clinic, developmental phases, psychological conditions, death-drive, obscenity and jokes and unconscious, gender and sexuality
  • 3. Lacanian to post-Lacanian concepts: Objet petit a, real-imaginary-symbolic, perversion
  • 4. Unconscious production through difference in the wrens
  • 5. Libidinal economies, punk, raves and raw music as enjoyment
  • 6. "Would You be the Ebb of this Great Flow?" joy and repetition in LCD Soundsystem
  • 7. Acceleration through Jungle & Kode9
  • 8. Mark Fisher, hauntology and Joy Division