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New,The Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies

  • Editor: Fogarty, Mary
  • Editor: Johnson, Imani Kai



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  • About the Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Mary Fogarty and Imani Kai Johnson
  • Part I. Hip Hop Dance Legacies and Traditions
  • 1. Foundation: Context and Components of Breaking Fundamentals
  • Kenneth Ken Swift Gabbert and Yarrow Osofly Lutz
  • 2. The Camera in the Cypher: High Times and Hypervisibility in Early Hip Hop Dance
  • Vanessa Lakewood
  • 3. The Technical Developments in Breaking from Conditioning to Mindset
  • Niels Storm Robitzky
  • 4. Connecting Hip Hop History and Heritage
  • E. Moncell Durden
  • 5. Kung Fu Fandom: NYC B-Boys and the Grindhouse Distribution of Kung Fu Films
  • Eric Pellerin
  • 6. What Makes a Man Break?
  • Mary Fogarty
  • Part II. Hip Hop Dance Methodologies
  • 7. Learn Your History: Using Academic Oral Histories of NYC B-Girls in the 1990s to Broaden Hip Hop Scholarship
  • MiRi Park
  • 8. Hard Love Part. 1: Corporealities of Women Ethnographers of Hip Hop Dances
  • Imani Kai Johnson
  • 9. Framing Hip Hop Dance as an Object of Sociological and Cultural Research
  • Andy Bennett
  • 10. Through Sound and Space: Notes on Education from the Edge of the Cypher
  • Emery Petchauer
  • 11. The Vault: Collecting and Archiving Street Dance Footage
  • Marc Scramblelock Sakalauskas
  • 12. Hard Love Part 2: Critical Hiphopography in Streetdance Communities
  • Imani Kai Johnson
  • Part III. Overstanding Identities in Hip Hop Streetdance Practices
  • 13. Breaking in My House: Popular Dance, Identity Politics, and Postracial Empathies
  • Thomas F. DeFrantz
  • 14. Globalization and the Hip Hop Dance Cipher
  • Halifu Osumare and Terry Bright Kweku Ofosu
  • 15. Asian American Liminality: Racial Triangulation in Hip Hop Dance
  • grace shinhae jun
  • 16. Breakin' Down the Bloc: Hip Hop Dance in Armenia
  • Serouj Midus Aprahamian
  • 17. Twerking and P-Popping in the Context of New Orleans' Local Hip-Hop Scene
  • Matt Miller
  • 18. Is She B-boying or B-girling? Understanding how B-girls Negotiate Gender and Belonging
  • Helen Simard
  • Part IV. Breaking with Convention
  • 19. Streetdance and Black Aesthetics
  • Naomi Bragin
  • 20. Living in the Tension: The Aesthetics and Logics of Popping
  • Rosemarie A. Roberts
  • 21. Staging Hip Hop Dance: Fly Girls in the House
  • Leah McFly McKesey, Diana Fly Lady Di Reyes and Mary MJ Fogarty
  • 22. Battles and Ballets: Hip Hop Dance in France
  • Roberta Shapiro (Translation by David Lavin, Roberta Shapiro and Imani Kai Johnson)
  • 23. Negotiating the Metaspace: Hip Hop Dance Artists in the Space of UK Dance/Theatre
  • Paul Sadot
  • 24. Make the Letters Dance: A Hip Hop Approach to Creative Practice
  • Anthony YNOT DeNaro and Mary Fogarty
  • Part V. Hip Hop Health: Injury, Healing and Rehabilitation
  • 25. Hip Hop Dance and Injury Prevention
  • Tony Ingram
  • 26. They Come for the Hip Hop, But Stay for the Healing
  • Stephen Buddha Leafloor
  • 27. Can Expert Dancers Be A Springboard Model to Examine Neurorehabilitation Via Dance?
  • Rebecca Barnstaple, Debora B. Rabinovich, and Joseph FX DeSouza
  • Afterword: Dance, Hip Hop Studies and the Academy
  • Joseph Schloss
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index