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 New,Clara Schumann Studies

  • Editor: Davies, Joe



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  • 1. Clara and Robert Schumann's circles in Dresden: 'I take the liberty to request from you an invitation [...] to your musical matinee' Anja Bunzel;
  • 2. Disillusionment and patriotism: Clara and Robert Schumann in the wake of the 1848-1849 revolutions Susan Youens;
  • 3. Softened,smudged, erased: Punctuation and continuity in Clara Schumann's Lieder Stephen Rodgers;
  • 4. A way with words: Expressive declamation in Clara Schumann's songs Harald Krebs;
  • 5. Clara Schumann and the nineteenth-century piano concerto Joe Davies;
  • 6. Clara Schumann and Bach Susan Wollenberg;
  • 7. Formal innovation and virtuosity in Clara Schumann's Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 17 Nicole Grimes;
  • 8. Contextualizing Clara Schumann's Romanzen Katharina Uhde and R. Larry Todd;
  • 9. The young prophetess in performance Amanda Lalonde;
  • 10. Clara Schumann's compositional and concertizing strategies, and Robert Schumann's piano sets Alexander Stefaniak;
  • 11. Clara - Robert's posthumous androgyne Roe-Min Kok;
  • 12. Clara Schumann, 'Clara Schumann', and the American press Jonathan Kregor;
  • 13. Clara Schumann's legacy as a teacher Natasha Loges.