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Australian Music and Modernism, 1960-1975

 New,Australian Music and Modernism, 1960-1975

  • Author: Hooper, Michael
This ambitious book represents a substantial advance in the scholarly documentation of a crucial period in Australia's musical development



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  • List of Examples List of Figures List of Tables Permissions Acknowledgements Introduction: Australian Music Now
  • 1. The Formation of an Academic Discourse of Australian Music
  • 2. Infrastructure for New Music, Serial Technique and Don Banks's String Quartet (1975)
  • 3. Richard Meale I: Sydney
  • 4. Nigel Butterley: Australian Music and Britain
  • 5. Peter Sculthorpe: Australian Music and Nationalism
  • 6. Richard Meale II: Adelaide
  • 7. Landscapes in painting and literature: Lumsdaine and Sculthorpe Notes Bibliography Index