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Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience

Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience

  • Author: Jaque, S. Victoria
  • Author: Thomson, Paula
Thomson and Jaque (both, kinesiology, California State Univ., Northridge) have written an innovative, insightful volume detailing how childhood and adult trauma may manifest in daily life and... More…



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  • Chapter One: Theories of Creativity
  • Chapter Two: Talent and Giftedness
  • Chapter Three: Creative Process
  • Chapter Four: Fantasy and Pathology
  • Chapter Five: Neurobiological and Physiologic Components of Creativity
  • Chapter Six: Childhood Adversity
  • Chapter Seven: Attachment
  • Chapter Eight: Trauma and Loss
  • Chapter Nine: Neurobiological and Psychophysiological Effects of Childhood Adversity, Trauma and Loss Experiences
  • Chapter Ten: Shame
  • Chapter Eleven: Dissociation
  • Chapter Twelve: Regulation and Resilience: Psychosocial and Biological
  • Chapter Thirteen: Hardiness and Posttraumatic Growth
  • Chapter Fourteen: Constricting and Fostering Creative Resilience