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The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer

The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer

  • Author: Dodgion, Dottie
  • Author: Enstice, Wayne
The Lady Swings undulates as much with dynamic rhythm as it does with delicious drama and laugh-out-loud storylines



Usually despatched in 5 - 7 working days


  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Prefatory Notes
  • Introduction
  • Part I. The California Years
  • Scene One: On the Road
  • Scene Two: Spot
  • Behind The Scenes One: The Giaimos
  • Scene Three: Eleanor Powell's Shoes
  • Behind The Scenes Two: The Tiptons
  • Scene Four: The Eight-Day Clock
  • Scene Five: Polio
  • Scene Six: Jail Bait
  • Scene Seven: TD&L
  • Scene Eight: Mingus
  • Scene Nine: Apple Pie, Apple Pie, Apple Pie
  • Scene Ten: A Little Help from My Friends
  • Scene Eleven: The Drummer Was Always Late
  • Scene Twelve: Monty
  • Scene Thirteen: Jerry
  • Scene Fourteen: 176 Steps
  • Behind The Scenes Three: Eugene's Lessons
  • Scene Fifteen: First Time in Vegas
  • Scene Sixteen: Followed by Myself in the Moonlight
  • Scene Seventeen: The IT Club
  • Scene Eighteen: Thunderbird
  • Part II. The New York and East Coast Years
  • Scene Nineteen: 14 Drummers
  • Scene Twenty: Mount Airy Lodge
  • Scene Twenty-One: Strollers
  • Scene Twenty-Two: The Village Stompers
  • Scene Twenty-Three: Eddie Condon's
  • Behind The Scenes Four: Pearls to Swine
  • Scene Twenty-Four: Park Ridge
  • Scene Twenty-Five: Piano Party
  • Behind The Scenes Five: Ruby
  • Scene Twenty-Six: Suburban Housewife
  • Scene Twenty-Seven: In the Middle of the Brook
  • Scene Twenty-Eight: Harold's Rogue and Jar
  • Scene Twenty-Nine: Melba Liston And Company
  • Scene Thirty: Fazee Cakes
  • Part III. California Redux
  • Scene Thirty-One: The Best Kept Secret in Town
  • Scene Thirty-Two: A Leader at Sixty-Five
  • Scene Thirty-Three: Pacific Grove
  • Scene Thirty-Four: Octogenarian
  • Postscript
  • Notes
  • Discography
  • Inde