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Both from the Ears and Mind: Thinking about Music in Early Modern England

Both from the Ears and Mind: Thinking about Music in Early Modern England

  • Author: Austern, Linda Phyllis
The mental, experiential and musical landscapes of human beings in the 16th and 17th centuries were different from ours. Austern's latest book is an ambitious attempt to map out that territory... More…



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  • Introduction
  • 1. Praise, Blame, and Persuasion: "Of Musicke by Way of Disputation" Praise and Dispraise (of Music): Discourse, Dialectic, Disputation
  • Knowledge of Music "by Witt and Understanding"
  • Reading as Creative Process: Toward "Places of Invention"
  • Constructing Arguments
  • Materials for Discourse
  • 2. Debating Godly Music: Sober and Lawful Christian Use "Musica, serva Dei": (Textual) Places for God's Handmaid
  • Music to the Praise and Glory of God: "A Methodicall Gathering Together of Authorities"
  • Anxieties of Aurality and Homonymies of Love
  • Codetta: The Prosecution Rests
  • 3. Harmony, Number, and Proportion Art and Science Abstracted from Bodies
  • Between Sense and Intellect: Music as Conceptual Tool
  • "The Worlds Musicke"
  • "A Simbolisme between the Elements": (Re)appropriation across Domains
  • "Profound Contemplation of Secret Things": Magic, Occult Doctrines, and Music
  • Hidden Harmonies of Earth and Heaven: Alchemy and Astrology
  • "Divine Consent": Holy Matrimony as Harmony
  • 4. To Please the Ear and Satisfy the Mind Explaining Musical Experience
  • Sound, Soul, and Sense
  • To Captivate the Mind: Music and Interior Process
  • 5. "Comfortable . . . in Sicknes and in Health": Music to Temper Self and Surroundings Music and Medicine
  • Music "to Preserve the Health"
  • Music and the Humors: Balancing the Self
  • Beyond Black Bile: Sorrow, Grief, and Musical Remediation Acknowledgments
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index