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Musica Tipica: Cumbia and the Rise of Musical Nationalism in Panama

  • Author: Bellaviti, Sean



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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Puente del Mundo: Isthmian Geography, Culture and the Development of Cultural Nationalism
  • Chapter 2: Early Musica Tipica and Its Antecedents
  • Chapter 3: Accordion Conjuntos and the Commercialization of Panamanian Musica Tipica
  • Chapter 4: A Listener's Guide to Musica Tipica
  • Chapter 5: The Professional's Guide to Performing Musica Tipica: The Day-to-Day Life of a Conjunto
  • Chapter 6: Standing Out While Fitting In: Genre, Style and How to Tell Conjuntos Apart
  • Chapter 7: El Baile del Pueblo: The Challenges of Presenting and Performing Musica Tipica
  • Epilogue: July 2018
  • Bibliography