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Beyonce: At Work, On Screen, and Online

Beyonce: At Work, On Screen, and Online

  • Editor: Iddon, Martin
  • Editor: Marshall, Melanie L.



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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Beyonce at Work, Making Beyonce
  • 1. Surviving the Hustle: Beyonce's Performance of Work
  • 2. "A Scientist of Songs": Beyonce's Recording Studio Music Making and the Problem of Authorship in Popular Music
  • 3. "Singing All The Time": Constructions of Cultural Identity in Beyonce's I am... Sasha Fierce
  • Part II: Beyonce On Screen, Reading Beyonce
  • 4. Beyonce's Mixed Media Feminism: Sounding, Staging, and Sampling Gender Politics in "***Flawless"
  • 5. "At Last a Dream That I Can Call My Own": Beyonce and the Performance of Stardom in Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records
  • 6. For the Texas Bama Femme: A Black Queer Femme-inist Reading of Beyonce's "Sorry"
  • 7. Gypsying Beyonce: The Latin Crossover through Hispanic Stereotypes
  • Part III: Beyonce Online, Re-presenting Beyonce
  • 8. Unlikely Resemblances: "Single Ladies," and Comparative Judgment of Popular Dance
  • 9. "I See Music": Beyonce, YouTube, and the Question of Signed-Songs
  • 10. "Girl I'm Tryna Kick It With Ya": Tracing the Reception of "7/11"'s Embodiment of Girl/Bedroom Culture Through YouTube Reaction Videos
  • Bibliography
  • Index