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Rethinking Mendelssohn

  • Editor: Taylor, Benedict
With its wide range of topics, this volume suggests a positive direction for the future of Mendelssohn scholarship; it is a welcome model for 19th-century musicology in general



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  • Biographies of Contributors
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction: Rethinking Mendelssohn
  • Benedict Taylor
  • I Interpreting the Orchestral Music
  • 1 Deformed Beauty? Narrative and Musical Form in Mendelssohn's Overture to the Tale of the Fair Melusina, Op. 32
  • Thomas Grey
  • 2 Brass Topoi, Telescoped Recapitulations, and the Bildungsreise: A New Approach to the First Movement of Mendelssohn's 'Italian' Symphony
  • Peter Mercer-Taylor
  • 3 'Inner Necessity': Fabulation, Frame, and Musical Memory in Mendelssohn's Lobgesang
  • John Michael Cooper
  • 4 An Epic Voice with Rhyme and Reason: On Rehearing Mendelssohn's 'Scottish' Symphony
  • Scott Burnham
  • II Historical and Aesthetic Contexts
  • 5 Mendelssohn and the Idea of the North
  • Sarah Clemmens Waltz
  • 6 Sibling Love and the Daemonic: Contradictions in the Relationship between Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn
  • Angela Mace Christian
  • 7 Mendelssohn and Droysen: Historicism in Practice and Theory
  • Celia Applegate
  • III Analysing Mendelssohn
  • 8 Mendelssohn and Sonata Form: The Case of Op. 44 No. 2
  • Benedict Taylor
  • 9 Expansion and Recomposition in Mendelssohn's Symphonic Sonata Forms
  • Steven Vande Moortele
  • 10 Syntax and Process in the First Movement of Mendelssohn's Piano Trio Op. 66
  • Julian Horton
  • 11 Form through Sound: Klangfarbe and Texture in Mendelssohn's Instrumental Compositions
  • Thomas Schmidt
  • IV Art, Ethics, and Religion
  • 12 The Philosophical Composer: The Influence of Moses Mendelssohn and Friedrich Schleiermacher on Felix Mendelssohn
  • Leon Botstein
  • 13 Rethinking Kunstreligion in the Context of Mendelssohn's Life and Work
  • Sabine Koch
  • 14 Sacred Sound and Secular Space in Mendelssohn's Instrumental Music
  • Lawrence Kramer
  • 15 Felix Mendelssohn's Deutsche Liturgie in the Context of the Prussian Agende of 1829
  • Laura K. T. Stokes
  • V Mendelssohn and the Lied
  • 16 Reassessing Felix Mendelssohn's Song Aesthetic through the Lens of Religion: The Case of 'Entsagung'
  • Jennifer Ronyak
  • 17 Changes of Pace: Expressive Accelerations and Decelerations in Mendelssohn's Vocal Rhythms
  • Harald Krebs
  • 18 'Time is, Time was, Time is past': The Phenomenology of Travel in Mendelssohn's Songs
  • Susan Youens
  • 19 Fanny Hensel's Sechs Lieder Op. 9: A Brother's Elegy
  • Stephen Rodgers
  • Bibliography
  • Index