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Rethinking Prokofiev

  • Editor: Guillaumier, Christina
  • Editor: McAllister, Rita
the editors set out to complicate and contextualize a general perception of the composer as an ambition-compromised victim of Soviet power. The volume's list of contributors ranges in terms of... More…



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  • List of Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Companion Website
  • A Note on Archival Sources
  • Rita McAllister
  • Preface
  • Simon Morrison
  • Introduction: Why Re-Assess Prokofiev?
  • Rita McAllister and Christina Guillaumier
  • Part I Prokofiev and the Russian Models
  • 1 Prokofiev and the Russian Tradition
  • Marina Raku
  • 2 Prokofiev and the Development of Soviet Composition in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Patrick Zuk
  • 3 Prokofiev and the Soviet Symphony
  • Daniel Tooke
  • Part II Prokofiev and his Contemporaries
  • 4 'Monsieur Prokofieff': Prokofiev in the French Context
  • Marina Frolova-Walker
  • 5 Prokofiev and Shostakovich: A Two-Way Influence
  • Ivana Medic
  • 6 Prokofiev and Atovmian: The Story of a Unique Friendship
  • Nelly Kravetz
  • Part III Music and Text: Prokofiev's Relationship with his Literary Sources
  • 7 The Sun-Sounding Scythian: Prokofiev's Musical Interpretation of Russian Silver-Age Poetry
  • Polina Dimova
  • 8 Editing Prokofiev's Seven, they are Seven: A Case Study
  • Nicolas Moron
  • 9 From Film Score to Art Music and Back: Prokofiev's Film Music in the Context of Text-Based Genres
  • Julia Khait
  • 10 Semyon Kotko and War and Peace: Prokofiev and His Collaborators
  • Terry Dean
  • Part IV Drama and Gesture
  • 11 Staging Prokofiev's Early Ballet
  • Jane Pritchard
  • 12 Drama, Theatre and Gesture in the Operas of Prokofiev
  • Christina Guillaumier
  • 13 Audio-Visual Montage in Ivan the Terrible: Understanding Prokofiev's Film Score through Eisensteinian Sound Theory
  • Katya Ermolaeva
  • 14 'Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death..': An Introduction to Prokofiev's Thanatology
  • Natalia Savkina
  • Part V Identity and Structure
  • 15 A Genealogy of Prokofiev's Musical Gestures from the Juvenilia to the Later Piano Works
  • Christina Guillaumier
  • 16 The Five Piano Concertos: The Pianist's Perspective
  • Boris Berman
  • 17 'Things in Themselves': An Analytical Study of Prokofiev's Music Notebooks
  • Rita McAllister
  • 18 Towards an Analysis of Prokofiev's Middle Period Works
  • Konrad Harley
  • Part VI The Reception and After-Life of the Music
  • 19 Prokofiev's Reception in the United Kingdom: A Case Study
  • Joseph Schultz
  • 20 Prokofiev, Soviet Influence, and the Music World in Stalinist Central Europe
  • David G. Tompkins
  • 21 Prokofiev in the Popular Consciousness
  • Peter Kupfer
  • 22 Prokofiev's Problems - and Ours
  • Richard Taruskin
  • Glossary
  • Index