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Music and its Virtues in Islamic and Judaic Writings

Music and its Virtues in Islamic and Judaic Writings

  • Author: Shiloah, Amnon
this is a valuable collection. Shiloah's concise and clear survey articles provide particularly useful teaching material. Much of the material covered here touches on topics of continuing wide... More…



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  • Contents: Preface
  • Part 1 Theories of Origins: The beginning of things: theories of origins in Arabic and Hebrew sources
  • A passage by Immanuel ha-Romi on the science of music
  • Biblical references to music as interpreted in Arabic treatises
  • The davidic traditions concerning music
  • The singing birds
  • Reflexions sur la danse artistique musulmane au moyen Acge. Part 2 The Symbolic, Philosophical and Metaphorical Interpretation of Music: L' approche humaniste et metaphorique dans les premiers ecrits arabes sur la musique
  • La musique entre le divin et le terrestre
  • 'ASn-kol' - commentaire hebraA-que de A em Tov ibn A aprA"t sur le canon d' Avicenne
  • Jewish and Muslim traditions of music therapy. Part 3 The Transmission of Musical Knowledge: Qalonimus ben Qalonimus, 'Ma'amar be-mispar ha-hokhmAt'
  • Musical concepts in the works of Saadia Gaon
  • Some comments of the cantillation of the 10 Commandments
  • A propos d' un 'petit livre arabe de musique' (with A. Berthier)
  • Notions d' esthetique dans les traites arabes sur la musique
  • L' evolution de la vocalite et de la technique vocale dans les traites anciens de la musique arabe. Part 4 The Ideological Attitude Towards Music: Music and religion in Islam
  • MaA-monide et la musique. Part 5 Music in Contact: The Romaniot musical tradition (revised version)
  • Development of Jewish liturgical singing in Spain
  • Muslim and Jewish musical traditions in the Middle Ages
  • Andalusian instruments of music and instruments of entertainment
  • Index.