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William Lawes (1602-1645): Essays on His Life, Times and Work

William Lawes (1602-1645): Essays on His Life, Times and Work

  • Editor: Ashbee, Andrew



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  • Part 1 . The Environment.
  • 1. William Lawes and the 'Lutes, Viols and Voices'. Andrew Ashbee.
  • 2. William Lawes's Music for Plays. Julia K. Wood.
  • 3. 'That Sacred Oratory': Religion and the Chapel Royal during the Personal Rule of Charles I. Anthony Milton.
  • 4. The True Christmas: Carols at the Court of Charles I. David Pinto.
  • 5. Images of Virtue and War: Music in Civil War Oxford. Jonathan P. Wainwright.
  • 6. Paper in English Music Manuscripts: 1620- 1645. Robert Thompson.
  • 7. Wednesday, 24 September, 1645 - The Death of William Lawes during the Battle of Rowton Heath at the Siege of Chester. Layton Ring.
  • 8. 'Choice Psalmes': A Brother's Memorial. Andrew Robinson.
  • Part 2 . The Music.
  • 9. Formality and Rhetoric in English Fantasia-Suites. Christopher D.S. Field.
  • 10. New Lamps for Old: The Versions of the Royall Consort. David Pinto.
  • 11. The Aire in William Lawes's Five- and Six-Part Consort Sets for Viols and Organ: A Comparison and Analysis. Mark Davenport.
  • 12. Lawes's Division Viol. Pedigree of an Instrument. Annette Otterstedt.
  • 13. William Lawes's Lyra Viol Music: Some Observations. Frank Traficante.