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Styling Blackness in Chile: Music and Dance in the African Diaspora

  • Author: Wolf, Juan
The book itself will not only prove useful for academics interested in the music of Chile, Latin America, the African Diaspora, Blackness, and in semiotics, but is also written in a style that... More…



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  • Acknowledgements
  • Accessing Audiovisual Materials
  • Introduction: Of Stereotypes and Styling
  • Part I: Styling Blackness as Afro-descendant
  • 1. The Disappearance of Blackness and the Emergence of Afro-descendants in Chile
  • 2. Tumbe Carnaval: Styling Afro-descendant
  • 3. Self-Understanding as Motivation for Styling Afro-descendant
  • Part II: Other Ways of Styling Blackness
  • An Interlude on the Importance of Styling Blackness and the African Diaspora
  • 4. Styling Blackness as Criollo: Dancing the Intimate
  • 5. Styling Moreno: Taking Pride in Decent Steps
  • 6. Styling Blackness as Indigena: Racial Order as Carnivalesque?
  • 7. A Question of Success: Carnivalization and the Future of Styling
  • Bibliography
  • Index