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Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome: Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer

  • Author: DiCenso, Daniel J.
  • Author: Maloy, Rebecca



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  • Doxa en ipsistis Theo: Its Textual and Melodic Tradition in the 'Missa graeca' - Charles M Atkinson
  • The Changing Roles of Old Saint Peter's in Late Antique and Early Medieval Rome - Charles McClendon
  • The Archdeacon, Power, and Liturgy before 1000 - John Romano
  • The Earliest Antiphons of the Roman Office - Edward Nowacki
  • The Paschal Vigil in Medieval Rome - Thomas Kelly
  • As the Bells Toll: Parish Proximity in Medieval Rome - Catherine Carver McCurrach
  • The Moment of Scrutiny in the Missale Gallicanum Vetus and the Instruction of Catechumens in Merovingian and Carolingian Francia - David Ganz
  • Melodic Style and the Transmission History of the Beneventan Easter Vigil Canticles - Emma Hornby
  • Fitting New Texts into Old Melodies: The Diffusion and Technique of Prosulas for Tracts and Graduals - Luisa Nardini
  • Singing the Psalter in the Early Middle Ages - Susan K Rankin
  • The Tonality of the Numerical Offices in Cambrai, Mediatheque municipale, MS 38 - Barbara Haggh-Huglo
  • Revisiting the Admonitio generalis - Daniel J. DiCenso
  • An Overlooked Source of the Pontifical romain du XIIe siecle and its Chants: Lyon, Bibliotheque des Facultes catholiques, MS Reserve 1/0011 [olim MS 2] - James Borders
  • Music and the Cluniac Vision of History in Paris, Bibliotheque nationale de France, lat. 17716 - Susan Boynton
  • To Chant in a Vale of Tears -
  • Melodic Trope as Modal Rhetoric - William Mahrt
  • Proper Office Chants for St George in South German Manuscripts - David Hiley
  • Notre-Dame and the Challenge of the Sainte-Chapelle in Thirteenth-Century Paris - Rebecca Baltzer
  • Music for the Confraternity of St James in Paris - Mary Wolinski
  • Publications by Joseph Dyer